September 2017



We are happy to inform you that the forum on the PassPartout website is now working and that discussions have started!

All people with a valid training certificate from PassePartout Training and working in the PRM assistance have received their username and password to login.

We invite everybody who has access to the forum to have a look and to join the discussions.

It is a moderated forum to maintain the integrity of the forum. 

If you have problems to login please let us know (

ECAC Doc 30 Part I, amendment 6 – December 2016

The new ECAC Doc 30, Part I, 11th edition/December 2017 – amendment 6 can be found on our website under legal framework.

The amended sections are mentioned on page III of the document.

ACI World Business Partner

Since February 2014 PassePartout Training has been  a World Business Partner of ACI Europe.

ACI Europe represents the interests of over 500 airports in 45 countries.