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We provide:  TRAINING in the field of DISABLED PERSONS using TRANSPORT


PassePartout Training takes as its starting point the principle that all people have equal rights to freedom of movement and freedom of choice. Disabled people and people with reduced mobility (PRMs) should have the same opportunities as others to travel. Discrimination towards them is prohibited in many countries but too often the day to day reality for disabled people does not reflect the legal position.

So it is essential that all staff working in the transport sector should know how to deliver the best services and facilities to meet the particular needs of these passengers.

PassePartout Training provides professional training to staff working in the transport sector, both to those who are in direct contact with  passengers and to those who have a managerial function.

Although PassePartout Training  aims to develop its scope across the whole transport sector, currently the training is mainly focussed on the air transport industry.

The company was created in October 2010. It is registered in Belgium.

What is PassePartout Training?

A company providing training on meeting legal requirements and achieving best practice in services and facilities for disabled and older people and people with reduced mobility (PRMs)* in the transport sector.

Passe-Partout is a French word, meaning a key to open different locks. More generally it means access to everything.

This is exactly what PassePartout Training offers!

Training courses and workshops that will open new doors, making it possible to deliver quality services and facilities that meet the needs of disabled people and PRMs and comply with legal requirements.

* In the transport sector disabled people and people with reduced mobility are defined as:

Any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any:

– physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary),
– intellectual disability or impairment,
– or any other cause of disability,
– or age 
and whose situation needs appropriate attention and the adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers.

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