Gudmundur Hjaltested

Gudmundur has worked at Keflavik International airport (Reykjavik, Iceland) since May 2006 in various positions. He was a security guard and a border guard; he also worked as an inspector for the airport of both the cleaning contractor and the contractor handling the car parking. From 2008 until 2018 he was the PRM manager.
He was involved in the design and development of the PRM assistance provision, set up in 2008 by the airport Managing Body for Keflavik International airport.
In that function he defined the organization and procedures of the PRM service, he provided training of staff from different handling companies involved in this service, fine-tuned and elaborated the assistance and IT support systems.
Gudmundur has attended numerous training courses, both for PRM managers and for trainers on PRM issues at airports.
Currently he is a trainer in the field of assistance to PRMs.

Gudmundur is a native Icelandic speaker and is fluent in English and Swedish.



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