Willem (Pim) Godefroy

Pim is an international expert in providing services for disabled people and people with reduced mobility (PRMs) in the field of aviation.  Trained originally as a clinical psychologist and specialist in rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology, he has worked in this field for over ten years.

He set up his own company IHD in 1988 initially to provide a range of activities to support the travel needs of disabled people. IHD developed into a highly specialized company focused entirely on PRM assistance at airports. His company has provided assistance over twenty years to large numbers of disabled travellers passing through Amsterdam and Brussels airports.

Pim now draws on this in-depth operational experience to lead IHD Consultancy which is working with airports across Europe to ensure that their policies and practices deliver best practice in meeting the needs of disabled people and PRMs and that they comply with EU Regulation 1107/2006 as well as other relevant European and US requirements and best practice.

One of his major activities is training on PRM issues. He is providing training for staff of PRM assistance providers and for other staff working at airports, as well as training for airline staff. He is also working for international organisations including ACI Global Training Hub.   In addition, he is  an expert advisor to the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) sub-group on PRMs for over ten years.

Pim is fluent in English, French and German as well as his native Dutch.

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