Airports – Managers PRM assistance

Course on the provision of assistance to Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) for:

  • managers of PRM assistance providers
  • airport managers responsible for the provision of PRM assistance


“PassePartout Training” offers a five day initial course on the provision of assistance to PRMs.

This course will deal with the legal requirements, disability awareness, operational aspects, calculation of the PRM charge, complaints handling and potential risks for airports.

Participants who pass the test at the end of the course successfully (pass level 80%) will get a certificate from PassePartout Training that is valid for one year.

Dates:           27 – 31 March 2023  

Location:     Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 

Price:            € 1850

Included in this price are:

  • Handouts of the presentations used for this training
  • Examination and certificate

Note: European Union Member States should be aware that the costs of training staff at airports, responsible for meeting the needs of disabled passengers and PRMs, can be met through the funding arrangements set out in Article 8 of Regulation 1107/2006 “Concerning the Rights of Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility when Travelling by Air”.

For more information and registration:

or contact our client Relationship manager Christina Hoogeveen,

or  GSM 00 33 6 15 56 77 88

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